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Learn about our 3 main areas of work and get involved with us by participating in our current Campaigns. 

Economic Justice

Since its foundation, we work to promote a fair economy and opportunities for hardworking Miamians. We fight for good paying jobs, unemployment benefits for all workers including the most vulnerable workers, and access to quality and affordable housing.   

Gender Justice

The Miami Workers Center recently merged with Sisterhood of Survivors (SOS), to incorporate a gender perspective to our work in Miami. As part of our work to defend and advance the rights of women in our community, we organize Domestic Workers and Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse.   

Domestic work includes cleaning, child care, caring for the elderly and the disabled and personal assistance. 95% of these workers are female, immigrant (documented and undocumented) and persons of color. Home health care workers are excluded from both the minimum wage and overtime laws, and all live-in domestic workers are excluded from overtime pay under federal law. Many workers in this field are victims of wage theft, physical and sexual abuse and harrassment . We are organizing domestic workers aiming to pass a state wide Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

Immigrant Justice

Our organization is part of the Florida Immigrant Coalition, and we work together with immigration advocates, farmworkers, undocumented youth and families, to advance the rights of immigrants in the state of Florida. Currently we work to promote state legislation to grant Driver's Licenses to immigrants in Florida and a Municipal ID in Miami-Dade to protect the most vulnerable families who are being marginalized due to our borken immigration system.

We are also part of the "We Belong Together" campaign to promote that unites women in the fight for Commonsense Immigration Reform that protects women and their children.