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 Marcia Olivo

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Marcia Olivo, a Dominican Republic native, is recognized for her work as a community organizer and advocate for domestic violence victims. In 1989, Marcia moved to the United States and began working as a community organizer with both “Mothers on the Move” and “North West Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition," both located in the Bronx, NY.

Upon relocating to Miami, FL in 2000, Marcia continued working with organizations such as Florida Immigrant Advocacy as well as coordinated the Florida Immigrant Coalition. Marcia also made a name for herself at Power U for Social Change, where she organized parents around educational issues to develop a platform that would improve educational standards at public elementary schools.

She resumed her work in 2008 as a Coordinator of a support group geared towards women and children survivors of domestic violence. Marcia, along with her colleague, recognized a great need for a long term sustainable organizing group led by survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and ultimately, created Sisterhood of Survivors, which merged with the Miami Workers Center in 2012.

As the Miami Workers Center sought to regain it's footing after years of declining budgets and a lack of organizational focus, Marcia was tapped to lead a year long strategic planning process for the organization. Marcia led members, the board and staff through a thorough evaluation of work and theory, resulting in an analysis that centers the lives and experiences of low-income Black and brown women, girls and femmes in the social justice movement. 

Marcia is an emerging 'thought leader' in social justice theory with the development of the Femme Agenda as both analysis of underlying social conditions and a program to shift power to those most impacted by oppression and exploitation.


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