Vote Pledge

Black women are asserting our collective power - be it in the voting booth, corporate setting, on college campuses, or in elected office. As we continue to rise, a range of systematic issues requires our attention. Far too many of us are still struggling financially, are likely to experience violence at the hands of police, and we continue to face a higher percentage of Black mothers dying during childbirth than any other race of women in the country.

When Black women come together, there is nothing we cannot do! 

The Queendom Agenda calls to:

➢ Protect ALL Black Women 

➢ Believe Black Women stories

➢ Support Black Women rights

➢ Trust Black Women's leadership.

➢ VOTE like a Black Woman

Adjust your crown and VOTE!


Let's Build a Better Miami for Women, Girls and Femmes

Because when women and femmes win, everyone wins